Backpage Images

Formally launched in 2004 as Backpage Images, we started life servicing UK Newspapers with live action shots from top sporting events around the country. With excellent relationships with sports desks, we quickly developed a reputation for supplying timely, relevant sports news images to fill the papers as well as having an eye for something a little different. Maintaining creative freedom is key to our success, and in the cut-throat world of sports photography, merely matching up to our rivals isn’t enough. We have to stand out. We have to offer more. All of our photographers have to be multi-disciplinary for us to continue our growth in the face of some very tough competition. Sports News imagery remains a hugely important element of our business but we live in a rapidly changing era of technological change and new commercial opportunities, which we are embracing with relish. These days, we very much see ourselves as a Multi-media agency rather than a photographic one. “Embracing the future today” We want to solve your imagery challenges, offering you a one-stop-shop – be they moving pictures or stills. Short films, time-lapses, 360-degree work, etc. Let us be your eyes to the world. Let us deliver the kind of impact that your key clients deserve. We want to be an integral part of your team, not merely a supplier. It matters to us to be involved from the very beginning of the creative process, as that leads to a better understanding of each other, resulting in a superior end-product.

Calyx Multimedia

News Photography, TV camera crew (with reporter English and Spanish speaking,) Services Inc. full digital stills pictures and library. SD & HDV broadcast television camera and editing. Specialist video library of Royal footage ( Court cover Swindon, Chippenham, Cirencester. Coverage at RAF bases Brize Norton, Lyneham Boscombe Down, USAF Fairford and the Army on Salisbury Plain. We have a link up with API a major UK military picture Library and publisher. PR services include event managing and picture consultancy.

Ferrari Press Agency Ltd

News Reporters, Real-Life Feature Writers and News, Celebrity and Feature Pictures.

  • Telephone: 0208 294 2333
  • Mobile: 0208294 8350 
  • Website:
  • Email: news[at]
  • Agency Type: News & Pictures
  • 2b Westmount Road
  • Eltham
  • London
  • SE9 1JD.

Solent News & Photo Agency

Press Photography, Public Relations, Sports, Entertainment

  • Telephone: 0238 045 8800
  • Mobile: 0238 045 8801 
  • Website:
  • Email: news[at]
  • Agency Type: News & Pictures
  • 23 Mitchell Point
  • Ensign Way
  • Hamble
  • Hampshire
  • SO31 4RF.

South Beds News Agency

Reporters, Photography, Photo Library. General news and reporting from St Albans, Luton, Aylesbury and Northampton Crown Courts and magistrates courts in Herts, Beds, Bucks and Northants. PR photoshoots.

Essex News and Pictures

Agency Type: The vast majority of our work is for the national papers, although we do some articles for the real life magazines. We also supply copy to a selection of local papers and radio stations. Essex, as our name suggests, is our core patch with most of our work – both on spec and commissioned – done here but we do sometimes go further afield on our jobs, with occasional overseas trips. We cover both magistrates and crown courts.

South Coast News

Agency Type: Providing national news and features from Sussex, Surrey and Kent, South Coast News is a dedicated news agency providing exclusive stories from Sussex, Surrey and Kent for national newspapers and magazines. Founded by former Daily Mail journalist, Jaya Narain, South Coast News works hard to provide interesting and informative news articles and features for a wide range of publications. With 17 years’ experience on Britain’s award-winning tabloid, Jaya brings a wealth of experience and knowledge which is key to getting to the heart of a story. Covering everything from ground-breaking investigations to human interest articles, the agency approaches each story with vision and commitment, intelligence and dedication. Covering news and feature assignments seven days a week, South Coast News is a trusted organisation used by national newspapers and magazines. Whether is is true life crime, medical and political scandals, family tragedies or human interest stories, the agency works tirelessly to uncover the exclusive details that breathe life into the tale and give national newspapers the edge over their competitors. South Coast News’ stories have been published in major UK daily papers including Daily Mail, The Times, The Sun, Mail on Sunday, Daily Mirror, Daily Telegraph.