Members of the National Association of Press Agencies are among the most professional and experienced freelance journalists and photographers working in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. Founded in 1982, the Association draws the majority of its membership from the premier agencies providing news, pictures and features from every town and city in the UK. However, its membership also includes a number of agencies operating from the EU and the USA.

Numerous newsdesks across the UK and overseas see NAPA agencies as the ”lifeblood” of their daily newslists with authoritative copy,  powerful award winning pictures and video packages plus features for their news pages, websites and TV broadcasts.Our members are available for hire too to fill the void when media organisations plagued by ever creeping budget cuts find themselves unable to send their own staff reporters on key assignments. As one leading national newspaper editor said: ”NAPA agencies are the unsung heroes of our newsrooms.”

NAPA also strives to promote the age old saying: ”A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work” and seeks to help those members who feel exploited or financially abused by their clients when on assignment.  Many have had free invaluable advice from the NAPA colleagues based on our years of experience dealing with the toughest figures in the journalism industry, and that advice has been key in settling potential disputes.