Manchester based Cavendish Press got a set of pictures showing actor Jude Law cowering in a downpour as he was seen in public for the first time since he announced he is expecting his fifth child.

The 41-year old star had switched locations to Manchester for his new movie presuming the city's infamous weather would oblige when his character gets caught up in a heavy shower. But filmakers had to create their own weather when the city ironically encountered unseasonally mild conditions.

Sporting a huge grin Law was seen puffing on a cigarette and taking cover under a sea of umbrellas as they were drenched under the ''fake rain.'' Last Thursday the actor said he and former girlfriend Catherine Harding, 23, a singer-songwriter also known as Cat Cavelli, were expecting a child together.

They are no longer in a relationship but are both "whole heartedly committed to raising the child". Law has three children - Rafferty, 18, Iris, 13 and Rudy, 12 - from his marriage to Sadie Frost. He also has a five-year-old daughter, Sophia, from a brief fling with model Samantha Burke. The actor was spotted in Manchester for the latest shoot in his new movie Genius in which he will portray 20th century American novelist Thomas Clayton Wolfe. Producers turned a section of the the city in the 1930s New York for the scenes.

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