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Bay TV Liverpool makes splash

  04 December 2014
The new local TV station for Liverpool launches this week – promising a bold new approach to coverage of news, sport, business, entertainment and features.   The channel will burst onto the airwaves on Freeview Channel 8 with the “Big Bay Launch” show starting at 5.30pm on Thursday 4th December.   Beamed from studios in Windsor Street, the honour of hosting the station’s debut goes to Jay Hynd and Ellie Phillips – presenters of its weekly music and entertainment show “The Guide”.   Bay TV Liverpool will be on air each day from 6am to 11pm, reaching more than 930,000 homes across the Liverpool City .....Read More

Passersby by thought dead baby was ''rubbish''

  12 November 2014
A newborn baby girl who was stuffed into a Tesco supermarket bag and dumped on a country lane may have lain dead for up to 11 days after unwitting passersby mistakenly assumed her body was ''rubbish.'' The youngster was left at the side of the road with a message saying: ''please, please bury him, Islamic burial please' after she lived for just a few hours. But passing walkers and motorists who spotted the bag at the roadside thought it was litter with one witness believing the bag contained a toy doll. The truth emerged when a couple walking their dog picked the bundle up in order to place it in their own litter bin. Despite an Asian woman being seen sobbing.....Read More

Aspirin a day saved my unborn baby

  10 November 2014
A woman who finally achived her dream of becoming a mother owes it to an aspirin she took every day during her pregancy. Sarah Broadfield, 34, from Warrington, Cheshire, feared she would never have children after she endured seven failed IVF attempts and two miscarrages over seven years at a financial cost of £15,000. But when she fell pregnant again she began taking the 2p aspirin each day after doctors said her miscarriages were caused by Antiphospholipid syndrome. Nine monts later her son Alfie was born weighing a healthy 8lbs.   

''Cancer victim'' never had cancer

  10 November 2014
A woman who was handed a death sentence after being diagnosed with terminal liver cancer underwent six months of chemotherapy only discover she did not have  the illness after all. Ann Milne, 56, from Aberdeenshire had six rounds of chemo to prolong her life in 20008 after doctors found tumours on her liver. Doctors told her she did not have cancer during a follow up appointment the following year. As a result of the unnecessary treatment, the former receptionist has been left with permanent muscle damage, meaning she has to walk with a stick for long distances. Mrs Milne has now won an undisclosed six figure compensation agreement with NHS Grampian in an.....Read More

Drink driver killer was fishtailing

  10 November 2014
A drunken driver killed two people in a horrific head on smash whilst ''fishtailing'' in his car after a cocaine and lager binge. Father of three Dean Farrimond, 35, from Leigh, Greater Manchester, was so crazed by drink and drugs he could not control his Vauxhall Astra and weaving around on the wrong side of the road. Tragedy struck when he ploughed into a taxi travelling in the opposite direction and propelled it backwards, causing the cab to smash into the front wall of a house.  Private hire driver Kenneth Grimshaw, 59, died at the scene from multiple injuries whilst his rear seat passenger Emma Houghton, 23, passed away later in hospital. Blood test.....Read More