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Viewing Posts from July 2017

NAPA's call to boycott Independent in row over lifting of court case

  13 July 2017
The Chairman of the National Association of Press Agencies (NAPA) has called on freelance journalists to boycott the Independent in protest at its refusal to pay a news agency for one of its stories. Jon Harris accused the online publication – which is not signed up to a press regulator - of behaving like the ‘’operators of a Dickensian workhouse’’ after it used without payment, court copy which had been filed to another website by North Wales based journalist Glyn Bellis. In a statement to the UKPG earlier this week the Independent admitted sourcing Bellis’ copy from Wales online but claimed it didn’t have to pay his .....Read More

Indy 'lift' NAPA agency copy - then refuse to pay

  10 July 2017
The Independent has refused to pay a NAPA agency for use of a report of a court case it “lifted” from a website claiming ''there is no copyright in news”. Derek Bellis of Bellis News Agency said he was the only journalist in court in Llandudno for the case of a 50-year-old man who placed barbed wire across a forest cycle path. But although the agency was paid for use of the story by Wales Online, it was then followed up by the Independent which appeared to take all the details of the case from the report. The Indy's version included a link to Wales Online in the fourth paragraph of its piece, quoted from evidence heard in court and.....Read More